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Ada 2012 Rationale

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Vadim Godunko
Ada 2012 Rationale
2013-09-17 10:10:26

Доброго времени суток!


Мне пришло письмо следующего содержания:


Ada-Europe has arranged with Springer to publish John Barnes’ Ada 2012 Rationale in book form as part of their LNCS series.


The LNCS publication will essentially be the same as was published in installments over the past couple of years in the AUJ articles but put together, slightly reworked, and then indexed.


The retail price is expected to be 46 EUR exclusive of taxes and porto.

Fortunately, as instigating publisher, we are entitled to a one off substantial discount (>50%) and therefore can offer our membership this fine and worthy publication for a mere 22 EUR inclusive of taxes, post and packaging. (30 EUR outside of Europe)


I need to know your decision by Sunday 29-Sep-13 at the very latest.

Т.е. если есть желающие заполучить печатную версию Ada 2012 Rationale можно устроить это по 30 евро плюс пересылка по exСССР.

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