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[ada_ru] Announce: VTKAda version 8.0.0 release 01/07/2017

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Leonid Dulman
[ada_ru] Announce: VTKAda version 8.0.0 release 01/07/2017
2017-07-01 09:00:01

I'm pleased to announce

VTKAda version 8.0.0  free edition  release 01/07/2017VTKAda is Ada-2012  port to VTK (Visualization Toolkit by Kitware, Inc) and Qt5 application and UI framework by NokiaVTK version 8.0.0, Qt version 5.9.0 open source and vtkc.dll,vtkc2.dll,qt5c.dll(,, were built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015  in Windows (WIN32)and gcc  in Linux  x86-64Package was tested with gnat gpl 2017 ada compiler in Windows 10  64bit,Debian 8.5 x86-64

As a role ADA is used in embeded systems, but with VTKADA(+QTADA) you can build any desktop applications with powerful 2D/3D rendering and imaging (games, animations, emulations) GUI, Database connection, server/client, Internet browsing and many others thinks.

VTKADA you can be used without QTADA subsystem 

Qt5Ada and VTKAda for Windows, Linux (Unix) is available from (google drive. It can be mounted as virtual drive or directory or viewed with Web Browser)  

Leonid Dulman (

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