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VTKAda version 5.9 release 2 free edition

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Leonid Dulman
VTKAda version 5.9 release 2 free edition
2011-09-27 12:26:56

I'm pleased to announce


VTKAda version 5.9  release 2 free edition (work in progress)

VTKAda is Ada-95(2005,2012)  port to VTK (Visualization Toolkit by Kitware, Inc) and Qt4 application and UI framework by Nokia

VTK version 5.9.0, Qt version 4.7.3 open source and qt4c.dll( were builded with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010  in Windows

and gcc  in Linux x86

Package was tested with gnat gpl 2011 ada compiler in Windows XP Sp3 32bit, Windows 7 Sp1 64bit and Debian 5 x86


VTKAda is powerful 2D , 3D rendering and imaging system and works inside Qt4 application.


Current state of VTKADA is 32714 procedures and function distributed in 543 packages.

Current state of QTADA  is 10336  procedures and function distributed in 279 packages.

There are many new packages and examples in this release.


VTKADA you can use without QTADA subsystem 

QTADA is ada port to Qt4 framework and can be used as independent system.

More information you can get from  paper "Modern application development with Ada" in  site.


My arm is to build powerful system not only for professional Ada programmers, but for scientists, engineers, students

and others people. So I tried  to build a system as simple as only possible.  Ada from one side is very simple and powerful language and VTKADA is easy to use powerful Visualzation and GUI

subsystem. Many of VTK classes was developed in Los Alamos National Laboratory USA. Many of new examples is science oriented:

diagrams. pies, graphics plotting, tables and others.


VTKAda and QtAda for Windows and Linux (Unix) free edition are available from


Sources and prebuild VTK 5.9.0 and Qt 4.7.3 for win32 and x86 , you can found on my DVD "ADASTUDIO 2011"

Torrent and eMule reference on site.


I'm doing this work on my own risk.

I hope my work will be useful for Ada community  and open for any forms of cooperation.


Leonid Dulman (leonid.dulman@...)

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