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Fwd: [AdaCore] Availability of GNAT Pro 6.4 preview and GPS 5.0.0

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Vadim Godunko
Fwd: [AdaCore] Availability of GNAT Pro 6.4 preview and GPS 5.0.0
2010-11-28 07:51:42



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Subject: [AdaCore] Availability of GNAT Pro 6.4 preview and GPS 5.0.0 Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 16:30:03 +0200

From: Jamie Ayre <ayre@...>

To: announce@...


AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of

the GNAT Pro 6.4 preview and GPS 5.0.0. A list of available

platforms is included at the bottom of this message.


New functions in GPS 5.0 include:


- Improved support for C/C++

- More powerful source editing

- Support for GNATstack

- Enhanced support for CodePeer

- Improved usability

- More flexible documentation generation



The GPS 5.0.0 enhancements are optimized when used with the

GNAT Pro 6.4 preview that includes the following features:


- Ada 2012 preview including most of the currently finalized Ada Issues (AIs)

- Improved code generator based on GCC 4.5

- New switch (-fdump-xref) to generate cross reference information for C and C++

- More detailed exception messages (-gnateE switch)

- New gnatcheck rules

- New warnings

- Better debugger performance

- More flexible and more efficient project manager in gnatmake/gprbuild - Improved handling of static aggregates


All new features are described in the release note section on

GNAT Tracker. A selection will also be demoed in the upcoming webinar featuring GPS 5.0. For more information and to enroll, please visit:


GPS 5.0.0 is compatible with GNAT Pro versions 3.16a1 up to 6.4.


All distributions can be downloaded as usual using GNAT Tracker.

We encourage you to install and start using these latest versions. As always, for questions, or to inform us of issues that you encounter, please let us know through the GNAT Tracker report facility.


GPS 5.0.0 is available for the GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and

Windows hosts.


GNAT Pro 6.4 preview is available for the following native platforms:

- ia64-hp_linux

- ia64-hpux

- ia64-sgi_linux

- dotnet-windows

- sparc-solaris

- x86_64-linux

- x86-linux

- x86-solaris

- x86-windows


and the following cross platforms:


- erc32-elf-linux

- erc32-elf-solaris

- leon-elf-linux

- leon-elf-solaris

- ppc-elf-solaris

- ppc-elf-windows

- ppc-vx6cert-linux

- ppc-vx6cert-solaris

- ppc-vx6-linux

- ppc-vx6-solaris

- ppc-vx6-windows

- x86-vx6-linux

- x86-vx6-solaris

- x86-vx6-windows


The AdaCore Team

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