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Leonid Dulman
2011-08-26 05:44:59

Дорогие друзья.

Я закончил работу над DVD "ADASTUDIO 2011"

Главня цель - это готовые для использования системы создания GUI, обработки MULTIMEDIA, 2D и 3D объектов в ADA-95(2005,2012) аппликациях на базе разных операционных систем.

Если эта работа, кого-нибудь заинтересует пришлите мне почтовый адрес, по которому я могу выслать диск.

Ниже приводится краткое содержание DVD.


========================================================================== What is a good language? It's a language which has a small set of words,

but it's enough to accurately explicate all important minds and actions.

This is ADA-2012, isn't it?




Dear friends.


I built this disk on my own risk and hope it will be useful for application developers in military, scientist, medical, engineering , education and others spheres.


Disk contents of two parts


1. My Ada projects in JABRY directory


2. Software ready to use in Win32, X86 and Os/2 operating systems and sources.


Jabry - directory is offline version of web site

AdaAllegro - Ada Interface to Allegro Games Library

OS2Ada - Ada API and PM Interface to eComStation(OS/2)

QT3Ada - Ada interface to Qt3 Framework


QT4Ada - Ada interface to Qt4 Framework


VAD - Visual Ada Developer (Ada GUI Builder)


VTKAda - Ada Interface to VTK (Visualization Toolkit )


its description you can get from Jabry/index.html file or from

GNAT2011 directory contents gnat gpl 2011 compilers for win32. X86 and x86-64 systems

Papers directory contents some my articles (may be it will be interested for somebody).

Softwin32 directory:

Autoexec.bat file with environment variable settings tcl/tk version 8.6 with many extensions just unzip and add to PATH variable tcl/bin - demos for tcl/tk gcc compiler with integrated GNAT 2011 and many useful utilities. Unzip and add to PATH dev_cpp/bin (see autoexec.bat to set env).



Sources directory - some open source and free soft for windows and x86

VTK directory – components needed to build vtk(visualization toolkit). WIN32 directory – ready to use QT 4.7.3, VTK 5.9.0 and VC 2010 runtime. Unzip components and add to PATH vtk/5.9.0/bin and qt/4.7.3/bin


X86 directory – ready to use use QT 4.7.3, VTK 5.9.0, tcl and others for *nix x86 (I built it on Debian 5) untar usrlocal_x86.tar.bz2 file with usr/local directory


OS2 directory - containts some useful applications for eComStation (OS/2) operating system


muCommander directory - Two side File Manager (java)

If you have any question tell me know. If this software needed for you, I open for any forms of cooperation.


Leonid Dulman( Copyright 2011.



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